HR Mastery Series

HR 2024 Mastery Series: Navigating New Frontiers in Human Resources – Pack of 4 Webinars

Empower Your HR Journey: Master the Future of Workforce Excellence!

4 Instructors

5 Hrs.| NA | USD 899

APR 2024

Webinar Pack

Avail A Webinar Pack of 3 Courses at 33% Discount!

Choose Courses of Your Choice and Never Pay the Full Price Now!

Any Instructor

Up to 2 Hrs.| NA | USD 699

APR 2024

Stress, Change Team Resilience through Humor

2-Hrs Virtual Interactive Workshop: Stress, Change & Team Resilience Through Humor

A Leader’s Guide To Identify Early Stress & Burnout Warning Signs & Build a Work Culture Which is More Stress Resilient and Focused, Open and Fun!

Mark Gorkin

2 Hrs| 11 a.m. PT | USD 259

12 December 22, MON

ChatGPT for HR

ChatGPT for HR: Unlock ChatGPT’s Full Potential in HR Before Your Competitors Do

Transform Your HR with ChatGPT – Essential Insights for 2024!

Chris DeVany

1 Hr.| 12 Noon PT - 1 PM PT | USD 229

APR 15, 2024 (MON)

940 FUTA Tax Compliance

The 940 Essentials: Master Your FUTA Tax Compliance & Calculations Before the Deadline!

Avoid Costly Mistakes – Urgent FUTA Tax Compliance Strategies to Avoid Penalties in 2024!

Mark Schwartz

75 Mins.| 10 AM PT - 11:15 AM PT | USD 229

APR 15, 2024 (MON)

Identify and retain employees

Unlocking Potential: A Guide to Finding and Fostering High-Achievers in Your Team

Revolutionizing the Way We Develop High-Potential Talent!

Lynn Ware

1 Hr.| 10 am PT | USD 209

15 April 24, MON

Becoming the Leader Others Want to Work For

Becoming the Leader Others Want to Work For

Be A Leader Your Team Wants, Not The One You Think They Want!

Pete Tosh

1 Hr.| 11 am PT | USD 199

15 April 24, MON

Human Capital

CORE MOTIVE – The Superpower to Unlock Your Human Capital!

Aligning Employees Actions with Your Strategy is Hard! Here’s How to Get It Done.

Glynis E. Devine

2 Hrs| 10 am PT | USD 229

APR 16, 2024 (TUE)

The Art of Resolving Conflict at Work

Harmonizing Workplace Differences: Strategies for Conflict Resolution

Transform Conflict into Collaboration!

Pete Tosh

90 Mins.| 12 Noon PT | USD 229

16 April 24, TUE

Performance Management That works

Empowering Performance: Mastering the Art of Effective Performance Improvement Plans (PIP’s)

Unlock Potential, Drive Success: Transforming Teams Through Effective Improvement Strategies!

Deborah Jenkins

1 Hr.| 12 Noon PT | USD 229

16 April 24, TUE

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