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Up to 2 Hrs.| NA | USD 699

JUL 2024

Transactional vs. Strategic HR

The Empowered Human Capital Manager: Transactional vs. Strategic HR

Analyze Your role in your Organization As A Human Capital Manager!

Daniel Bloom

1.5 Hrs.| 10 am PT | USD 229

JUL 10, 2024 (WED)

How to Manage Toxic Employees

Managing Toxic & Other Employees Who Have Attitude Issues

Effective Approaches for Addressing & Preventing Toxicity – Organization-wide!

Pete Tosh

90 Mins.| 11 AM PT - 12:30 PM PT | USD 229

JUL 10, 2024 (WED)


Mentorships: A “Must-Have” for Recruiting and Retaining Employees in the New Remote and Hybrid Workplace

Mentorship Needed Today More Than Ever To Manage Your Workforce!

Dr. Maure Ann Metzger

1 Hr.| 10 AM PT - 11 AM PT | USD 229

JUL 10, 2024 (WED)

Virtual Onboarding

Best Practices in Virtual Onboarding – Revolutionize Your Onboarding Process.

Tacts to Maximize Engagement and Productivity in Virtual Onboarding!

Eric Le

1 Hr.| 10 am PT | USD 209

JUL 10, 2024 (WED)

The Sarbanes Oxley Act and Payroll

The Sarbanes Oxley Act and Payroll – How to Evaluate Internal Controls for Compliance with This Important Law

2023 Requirements, Controls, Recent Changes and More…

Mark Schwartz

75 Mins.| 10 am PT | USD 209

JUL 10, 2024 (WED)

Guidance on ADA Accommodation and Compliance

ADA Accommodation and Compliance: Bridging the Gap between Employer and Employee

Avoid Litigation and Complaints Arising From The Denial of Accommodation Requests!

Harold Levy

1 Hr.| 11 am PT | USD 209

JUL 10, 2024 (WED)

Internal Investigations

Conducting Sensitive, Internal Workplace Investigations to Avoid Lawsuits

Avoid Legal Headaches: Learn the Secrets of Effective Workplace Investigations!

Pete Tosh

90 Mins.| 10 AM PT - 11:30 AM PT | USD 229

JUL 10, 2024 (WED)

I9 Audit Compliance

I-9 Compliance & Audits: 2024 Outlook – Enhancing Your Immigration Compliance Strategies

Future-Proof Your Workforce: Navigating Compliance with Confidence in 2024!

Diane Dee

90 Mins.| 10 AM PT - 11:30 AM PT | USD 229

JUL 10, 2024 (WED)

Goal Setting For Teams

Goal Achievement in Action: Lessons from the Football Field

Scoring Success: Strategies from the Field to the Office!

Deborah Jenkins

1 Hr.| 12 Noon PT | USD 229

JUL 10, 2024 (WED)

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