Transaction failed!

A transaction error is occurred.Your credit card has not been charged. Please
follow below instructions before trying again!!

  • Date: Monday 20th 2024
  • Order id: No Order ID Generated!
  • Amount: NIL

Why did my payment fail?

This is usually because of one of following reasons:

  • Incorrect card details entered
  • There may be a daily amount limit set on your card by your bank. If so, please contact your bank to increase the limit
  • Temporary technical glitch
  • Your bank server might be down.


What should I do next?

Just follow below 2 steps.

  • Step 1: Before you try making payment again, please log out of your account, log in again and follow the same procedure.
  • Step 2: Please ensure you are entering the right card details; your card is working, and you are not exceeding your daily spend amount limit set on your card by your bank.



If you would like us to process the payment on your behalf over the phone, then please call our customer support executive regarding your registration at: +1.800.XXX.XXXX OR email at

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