How Do You Keep Your Existing Members Motivated while Many are Quitting?


There is a spreading mismatch between the work environment employees want -Expect- and the one their organizations currently provide.

Engaging their employees and motivating them has become a massive task for many organizations. It’s the fact that No company can achieve every hope and desire of its employees, but it is essential to know which ones matter the most.

Engaged employees indeed perform better, experience less burnout, and stay in organizations longer.

As employers, leaders, managers, and HR professionals, you’ve been juggling a lot of uncertainty and change. Yet, in the desperate need to hire more people, we often forget to attend to are the folks who stay – those showing up day in and day out, shouldering the work that needs to get done.

Think about them. The ones who are here, working for and with you.

In Short: The employees need to be seen for who they are and what they contribute. It’s your job as the leader to make sure they’re getting the recognition they deserve.


This article will provide the tools and strategies necessary to help you buoy your employees, promote mutual dependence, boost collaboration, improve creativity, and enhance overall job satisfaction.

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5 Easy Steps To Keep Your Employees Engaged & Loyal


  1. Ensure Competitive Payments and Benefits
  2. Promote opportunities to grow
  3. Uplift your purpose
  4. Focus on culture and connection
  5. Embrace flexibility and work-life balance


Ensure Competitive Payments and Benefits


You must pay people enough to take their financial issues off the table; as we all know: money talks.

People are job-hopping for just a dollar or two more per hour. You risk unnecessary turnover by low-balling on pay. It is always more cost-effective to retain an existing employee than recruit, onboard, and train a new one.

So, in addition to updating your overall compensation package, consider offering employees

  • One-time bonuses
  • Help them pay down their student loans
  • Provide them with work-from-home stipends.

You must ensure your pay and benefits are competitive. It’s the most obvious way to keep your best workers satisfied and prevent them from jumping ship.


Promote Opportunities to Grow


Imagine your best employees just handed in their resignation notices. How would you change their minds?

Ask them, “If you could shape your dream job here, what would it be?” Then look for ways to make it happen.

Forward-thinking organizations have been doing retention interviews for the past months asking each employee what it would take for them to stay.

According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, Lack of career growth is one of the top reasons employees leave companies. The survey states that 94% of employees would stay longer at a company that provides career development and training opportunities!


Elevate Your Purpose


Be a brand that makes employees proud. Employees are more likely to feel they fit in an organization that stands for social change.

Values matter, If your organization’s mission is to become the industry leader and nothing more, it will be difficult for employees’ goals and values — which are likely about the individual’s aspirations, not the organization’s — to fit in.

For example: Create opportunities for volunteerism. Studies have shown that volunteerism lowers stress, improves mood, and builds collaborative skills.

Consider offering paid volunteer time off for employees to do community service. Or, designate a company Volunteer Day where you all pitch in as a team to help a worthy organization.


Focus on Culture and Connection


More than ever, people are looking for respect in their jobs. They don’t want to feel devalued or unimportant within an organization, resulting from a lack of respect.

According to CEB’s Market research, the top 5 things people currently look for in a new job are

  1. Stability
  2. Compensation
  3. Respect
  4. Health benefits
  5. Work-life balance.

Hence, it’s essential to build a culture that constantly connects the employees through feedback, recognition, creativity, collaboration, etc.

Employee appreciation efforts can be one of your most cost-effective tools to build company culture and improve retention. And frankly, it’s no longer optional.


Embrace Flexibility and Work-life Balance


Work-life balance is an ongoing challenge. It means different things for different people, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Key here is to understand what matters the most to your employees.

For some, it means managing the relentless ping of after-hours emails. For others, it’s about flex time to handle family caregiving responsibilities.

Many organizations have high expectations for their employees. But for workers, this can mean less time devoted to personal care, leisure activities, and family. Overall, these may lead to complete exhaustion.

Having a regular touch base with the team would allow you to understand your employees’ needs to help them avoid burnout. Be sure to ask them what they need.




Below are a few additional tips which you may like to follow to make the existing employee feel valued and appreciated.

  • Avoid Micromanaging
  • Promote A Clean & Safe Environment for Your Employees
  • Make sure managers are not compelling great employees to leave
  • Offer Your Employees the Tools and training they Need to Succeed
  • Challenge Your Employees in a Balanced Way
  • Prevent any Sudden Changes in The Workplace
  • Include and demonstrate to them the value they can add

Retention may be inevitable, but it can also be manageable. Employees want to be appreciated, they want to learn continuously, and they want to know that there’s room to grow within their current organization.

When they notice they can’t receive these things within their current role, they look elsewhere. The best way to stabilize your business is to keep your current employees happy and job satisfied.

Following above instructions, you can retain valuable knowledge that even an outstanding new hire can’t replace. And you also protect your employer’s brand by ensuring people who do leave the organization only have nice things to say.

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